LabVIEW Based Software Designs

We are established in Thane (near Mumbai) and LabVIEW is our main focus since 2006 for software development. Our LabVIEW based software are liked & used by domestic as well as international clients. Be it Larsen & Toubro or Philips who use our LabVIEW based systems on their production lines, or small businesses in the USA & Canada who re-sale software designed by us with their instruments - our LabVIEW developers have delighted demanding clients.

Before presenting you with the development tracks we offer, here’re some of the snapshots of our LabVIEW projects. This clearly demonstrates our vast experience!

Hourly consulting or working on project basis:

SureView offers expert LabVIEW developers for working on-site your location or remotely. Our LabVIEW developers are well-versed to handle extremely complex problems. They work with LabVIEW full-time & hence they are much focused. The turnaround time is very low while the software they design is re-usable, scalable, well documented & efficient. Every time, we follow the best practises in software engineering & LabVIEW guide-lines published by NI.

The time for us to depute an engineer is less than 4 business days. Which means if you order on Monday, our engineer will start work before Thursday.

LabVIEW Integration (GUI & control system for your Instrument):

At SureView we adore entrepreneurs. We have worked for great minds in small & medium sized companies to develop the control & automation software to go with the instrument they have invented.

Typically our virtual instrumentation for this purpose has the following common features:

  • User friendly GUI for Instrument control & automation
  • Saving all results in data-base & TDM files
  • Retrieve data with SQL based on parameters & export to MS Office, pdf, HTML, csv or printer
  • Multi-level passwords (operator, admin, supervisor & diagnostics)
  • Network of multiple instruments (using RS485/GPIB/Ethernet/USB/WiFi) by VI running on PC or server
  • Monitoring instruments in laboratory or assembly line from office using Internet/Intranet/LAN/WiFi. Generating  alerts & notification on smart phones or by email
  • Detection of hardware issues in instrument using Maintenance module
  • Diagnostic mode for R&D of new instruments developed by you
  • NABL or 3rd party calibration through software & calibration alert.

We can definitely modify your existing LabVIEW code to add new features. Our responsibility doesn’t end when we deliver an excellent logic, rather it starts there. SureView will go the extra mile to ensure that the end user is loving your equipment. We strive for that moment of delight!

​Turnkey solutions for R&D Centers, process industry and factories:

SureView offers complete solutions for measurement & automation. If you are commencing new factory, we can automate the production with routine testing for assembly line. Our engineering team & test engineers can help you determine which equipment to buy while our software engineers can develop software for any equipment deployed by you. If you are setting up a new laboratory, we can automate the testing & report generation as per IEC, ASTM, DIN, UL, BS, IS or any other applicable standard. Be assured that SureView will dot the i's and cross the t’s.

System integration:

We build electrical panels with PLCs at our factory & design SCADA based on LabVIEW for automation & GUI.

Architecting large-scale projects:

If you are planning to build large LabVIEW based systems but are unsure about the architecture, one of our senior architects can team up with your LabVIEW developers & ensure smooth success.

Drivers for popular interface cards, single-board computers & proprietary hardware:

We have a massive library for you to target any of the popular COTS hardware such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Beagleboard, etc. We have strong experience in building ATE with instruments from NI, Agilent, R&H, Aplab, Tektronix and others. In addition to National Instruments products (which we know like the back of our hand), we have developed virtual instrumentation using many popular interface cards including Data Translation, LabJack, DataForth, Spectrum Instrumentation, AdLink, Art-Control, Alazar, Grant Instruments, Campbell Scientific, Dataq, Omega & Peter Norberg. We also have integrate Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi, AB, Hitachi & Omron PLCs using LabVIEW functions without any SCADA or OPC licence.

LabVIEW after-sales support:

We support our product forever after it’s deployed.